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All this talk of immigration makes me wonder: maybe I should read only this poem until Congress passes an immigration reform bill.

Quote 29 Jul
I cannot help but mistrust the popular, the famous, the high-profile. I reflexively wax cynical about whatever is popular, and expect to find true worth in small, out-of-the way corners.
— Jeff Gundy, “Churches, Cathedrals, & Caves”
Photo 29 Jul 1 note I’ve been doing a lot of poetry lately.

I’ve been doing a lot of poetry lately.

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The women of the 2014 Mental Graffiti slam team.

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Poetry [is] pretty much the only art form in which the practitioners are regularly called upon to explain if and how their art will solve society’s ills. I’ve never seen or heard an interview with Jack White that asks him how his guitar solo on “Ball and Biscuit” will cure cancer and stave off the zombie apocalypse. I once worried about the fairness of this paradigm, but I’m starting to see it as a show of respect. That people keep wondering how poetry will change the world seems to start with the implicit assumption that it could.
— Jamaal May, “A Normal Interview with Jamaal May
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Text 28 Jul 1 note "The Subject Tonight is Love," by Hafiz

The subject tonight is Love
and for tomorrow night as well,
as a matter of fact,
I know of no better topic
for us to discuss
until we all

Photo 28 Jul Happy birthday to me. One more year of miracles.

Happy birthday to me. One more year of miracles.

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My friend Stephanie isn’t coming to the National Poetry Slam this year, so l wanted to share “A Response to the Fox News Correspondent who Asked, ‘What is it about Chicago Public Schools that Makes so Many of its Students Murder Victims?’”

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